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Blocked Drains Park Ridge

We’ll Clear Your Blocked Drain Today!

Plumber Park Ridge are specialists in blocked drain diagnosis and clearing. We’ll clear your blockage fast!!

Our specialist drain plumbers are equipped with the latest High Pressure Water Jetters and CCTV Drain Cameras.

Have you got waste or water overflowing?

Then you need the latest in drain clearing technology to tackle the blockage.

We can use a wide range of equipment to clear your blockage and we only offer the most affordable and most efficient options based on your situation.

To clear a blocked sewer or stormwater drain we use the latest technology drain clearing device, the 5000 psi High Pressure Water Jetter.

We will clear your blocked drains, flush out your entire line and have your blocked pipes flowing as good as new! Its just like a high pressure car wash for your sewer or stormwater pipes!

The High Pressure Water Jetter can cut through tree roots, debris and waste build up. Plus its more aggressive on blockages and much gentler on your pipes than the old “drain snake” or “electric eel” method!

Blocked Drains Park Ridge
Gold Medal Service - Blocked Drains Park Ridge
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